Before you decide to or decide not to donate, please see my justification

Why do I ask for donations?

I am useful to society, but require freedom in order to be useful. I would argue that not all people have the competence to contribute to society’s development without guidance from others. A specific job description works very well for certain personalities and can be very rewarding. I on the other hand have a grandiose vision. I also allow the Devil’s Advocate to challenge my vision and learn to improve my vision. Besides constantly developing my theories, I also put them into practice through my voluntary work with NGO’s, giving individual one time advice to acquaintances and engaging directly with the public. All of these things are valuable but do not serve in the formal economy. There is much potential for these things to develope into formal service, and it is one of my aims to do so. In the meantime, like many great services that support countless people (NGO’s, wikipedia, creative commons, community barter, family, Twitter, etc.), I will continue to develope my work without hindrance. If it means living below the breadline as I am doing now, so be it. But I believe that the more I engage people and develope my work, the more this will resonate with people and I can begin receiving donations, first to support myself (food, shelter, transport, etc.) and second to use money for community development, sustainability communication and civic engagement projects/initiatives. Today there are far too many restrictions to projects of goodwill because the countless funds that support them are restricted to specific tasks, goals, roles and time constraints that make it very difficult for inter-organisational collaboration and resource pooling for projects of common interest. Instead, today we see much competition between actors in the non-profit sector. The quantity of proven solutions to sustainable development, as well as the resources to scale them, all exist. But the very system that has developed out of control towards the potential collapse of civilisation, is so dysfunctional that it lacks the room to allow for the release of its own remedy. And the purpose of the remedy is simple, to realign the actions of humanity with its goals to thrive and live on peacefully, within planetary boundaries. A friend recently expressed the need to refrain from impatience when facing the task of solving global issues. My reply was that it is the issues themselves which stem from impatience and that it is our role to reinstill patience into the actions of society. When the bus driver is in such a hurry to arrive at our destination, it is not impatient for a passenger to remove their seat belt and react abruptly when he/she sees that the bus is headed for a fatal collision. Globally today, there are enough efforts by groups, organisations and individuals to save humanity. But these efforts first require the room to have any influence on the direction of society.

Why do I call myself Emperor Earth?

Firstly, you don’t have to take the title so seriously. Emperor Earth is a fictional character to play as an ambassador representing an authentic scenario of global urgency. (also, Green Knight was already taken).

On first reaction, my self-proclaimed title may come across as arrogant or even destructive. And if I get such strong reactions, I don’t mind. It is in the area of debate and contrasting opinion where we have the opportunity to learn from one another. Where we continue to communicate only in mannerisms that we can identify with, we are living the illusion that we share the same perspective on life and know enough to make the right choices for everyone that we effect. Furthermore,

In fact, I do not call solely myself Emperor Earth. This title is to be shared with anyone who has the decency to know what’s best by listening to and acting on the behalf of the needs of the people. Again, it may come across as self righteous that I claim to be acting on behalf of the needs of the people, particularly when I attribute myself to someone as grand and exhibitionist as a global leader. But, it is not mandatory for an emperor to describe someone who fills the shoes of absolute dominion. The intended role of an emperor is to work in the interest of order to serve the greatest number of people as best as possible, with unheeded effort to maintain and improve such interests. Without such interests being upheld, I personally would not feel safe, included or free in our society. Like an emperor, I choose to stand up and act beyond my own comfort zone.

My initial inspiration to this title was the reference to the Earth, where Emperor Earth is not Emperor of the Earth but the Earth is the Emperor. Were I to call myself Earth Emperor, that would be grammatically more fitting to the role of someone who claims some sort of impossible sovereign over the planet or at least of all the soil from which fauna reaps and flora thrives. No, I merely wear the badge of someone who acts in the interests of all that encapsulates the Earth. And those interests cannot exclude those who are first in line to share its stories and act as its stewards. If humanity is not first in line, then we will find out quickly when we fail to preserve harmony in this world. Right now we are going through the test. Hear my words, for they do not solely represent me. They are a call for social justice from across disciplines, ethnicities, classes, ages and religions.

Being am emperor of this nature challenges the traditional concept of an emperor, since it is about facilitating harmony. Historically, an emperor was not focussed on such a holistic duty – though in such dark times of imperialism humanity mightn’t have had a sophisticated enough communications network, infrastructure and democratic basis for an emperor to act more benevolently.

Why would you give me a donation?

Firstly, my efforts are obsolete without the awareness of those who are already making efforts to do what I’m doing, openness to collaboration and recognition of the untapped potential of all people in contributing to a better world.

I am not a parasite. Although I prefer not to participate in he unsustainable and parasitic behaviour of society, I am a beneficiary. The alternative is to grow my own food. But if I focus on that, I won’t get much done in the big bad world. I best stick to what I’m good at.

What will be the outcome of your donations? The worst case scenario is that you threw a few bucks to a madman desperately pursuing a futile dream. The reality is that I know what humanity needs to do to get itself out of this mess and I will do everything I can to help. But help is mutual. I will get nowhere without the support of others. And in some indirect way, my efforts will serve to impact on everyone’s lives.

What I need?

  1. Food (I get most of my food from bins and events. If you have anything, I would appreciate it)
  2. Money (for everyday needs)
  3. Rent (I stay with different friends and relatives because to rent my own place requires a massive time investment I can’t afford)
  4. Project resources & finance