You who know, open your eyes

To overcome climate change (& biodiversity loss, resource crises, etc.) requires that we are inventive. To be inventive requires a sense of necessity. I hear a lot of complaints from the environmental movement that there are too many climate deniers and there is too much apathy. So there is the problem: a movement of passionate talkers who lack the sense of necessity to be walkers. If you are willing to make the necessary sacrifices, as in any ‘successful’ mass movement, you will begin to believe that change is possible. And by making sacrifices, by joining that core movement, you will find a world of people willing to give you more than you ever had. Until that day, you are beating around the bush. I feel the necessity, therefore I believe and thus will invent solutions in solidarity with those who possess the will.

Greetings Earthlings!

This is my totalitarian blog aimed to suggest, discuss and request solutions for the world’s citizens and displaced peoples on how to manage the Earth. So voice your needs, hear my words and get up off your arses, then I will hear you!

The single greatest threat arising from humanity’s unprecedented mismanagement of the Earth’s resources is the increasing displacement of human beings and its resulting conflicts, poverty and inequality. A worst case scenario, which is what we are currently aiming towards, could put all people in such a situation. Imagine something along the lines of Mad Max. We can reach a medium case scenario if we turn around. If we strive now and continue the momentum, we may get to enjoy a utopian best case scenario at the ends of our lives and watch our grand children receive the gifts they deserve as humans. Our fate is that fragile, so we must treat it so.

Pr. Hans Rosling has painted a statistically accurate picture of humanity’s great success in reducing poverty, increasing literacy rates and creating equal societies. He projects greater advances over the coming century. However, he admits that the complexities of climate change and environmental mismanagement cannot be included into the projections of human progress. His colleague Johan Rockström, also a renowned Swedish Professor, makes a clear statement by contrasting his cutting edge research with that of Rosling’s. Please watch a great lecture orated by the duo at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (if you skip the first few seconds, the video should load).

Royal Society President, Martin Rees, has warned the world of a 50-50 chance of surviving the 21st Century. We can’t put a number on it, but we do know that the IPCC’s struggle to convince the world to act is still politically conservative in its estimates does not represent the voices of the top climate scientists. This video and this video explain the situation very well. In fact, greenhouse gas emissions are exceeding estimates as a result of feedback loops and unexpected industrial increases.

Even the Pope has asked the United States to act on climate change. And here was my appeal to the President of the United States. Thankfully, Shell has since pulled out of the Arctic for financial reasons. Let’s make sure it is made illegal before they return.

All around, people seem uninspired to act. They say the challenge is too big for them. Leave the politicians up to it, they say. I have crowned myself as Emperor of this Earth, and as emperor it is my obligation not only to lead the world towards a change, but also to listen to the needs of the people. There is a way forward, but we must do it together. It begins here.