Outright Revolution?: Change by the Heart AND by the Head & Hands

Change is possible for you all today! But before you rise up in your masses, be aware of the consequences of your actions.

“participation is 5 fold: respect, self fulfillment, belonging, virtue and necessity”

If you’re going to demand a complete system shift, remember that it can only be rightly achieved by keeping true to the following, most of the time: your love for all of Earth’s creatures, being smart about how a pack of wolves will react if you attempt to drive them out of their territory, and you will need to do more than ask; participation is 5 fold: respect, self fulfillment, belonging, virtue and necessity.

We have the potential to tap into our collective will to create the world we want. This may come as a shock to you. And you might experience anger, confusion or shame. Before you decide to jump straight into this idea that might cause you to question your self or whole world around you, first react by honouring the feelings you experience and allowing yourself become clear minded and true to the ideas that matter to you and to most.

Just as the fact that the average driver thinks they’re better at driving than the average driver, be humble and open to the greater potential of others. Be not bitter; these wild animals are all your brothers and sisters.

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