The shitty rulebook we all go along with: we have externalised our responsibilities to an unwritten power, and not even the elites have control

Somewhere in history, between discovering that we were the dominant species and no longer being on speaking terms with all members of our communities, we got off track about what life was about. After living an eternity in the wild, we quickly found ourselves in a new situation with no manual to guide us. So, we made one up along the way and got caught in disagreements which led to a need for “order”. Now it’s only emerging that this adolescent event ever took place and that we need to become the adult society before we completely go off the rails.

Yes, we have formed rules to maintain some sort of order instead of allowing ourselves go through our rites of passage and become whole beings. We no longer have control over our resources. We’re all relying on someone else to clean up the e-coli in our water, to rehabilitate the mentally ill, or to put out the forest fire. With the event of climate change, among other comparable threats to our ‘order’, we are finding problems arising faster than we can handle them. This is because we have made each other powerless with the very same rules we “agreed” upon to keep these things from happening.

Even the most powerful people in the world don’t have a solution to creating order for just their bubble. They have to follow the same rule book, at least a bit. It must suck to be that high up in your tower and believe that all those little people down there can’t be tamed. But there lies part of the problem: the idea that people must be tamed. We are not inherently evil. But if we believe we are, this will manifest in our actions.

In general, hunter gatherer societies do not breed corruption or deplete resources. This is because community members are all free from control of others and are free to decide what’s best for them, i.e. sharing and playing with others, and ensuring a consistent supply of food and fibres for their everyday needs. We need to prioritize the goodness in our nature over the badness of our self belief.

Where is your tribe? What do you really love to do? How can you help people at the height or bottom of society to find their tribe? It is not enough for me to find my tribe. If I truly wish to be free, I need you to find your tribe too. There is no obligation for any of us to do what others tell us. It might take a while to really come to know what you like, but you certainly won’t be dropping bombs or committing bank fraud if everyone else is truly doing their own thing. You’re free!

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