Emergency forum for civic participation

In the possible event of a global financial collapse, it is of utmost importance to minimise both panic and the potential power interventions (in all facets of society, from state and military level to local and family level) to subdue that panic. In a time of uneducated and irrational individualism, humanity is not socially prepared to handle an economic collapse and thus power will inevitably intervene. Nonetheless, we can reduce the effects of power, or violent backlashes, and increase democratic participation within those constraints by rolling out an emergency forum plan. This would entail:

  • educating people on all the areas of need (e.g. food, time efficiency & all the vulnerable people, such as pensioners)
  • & on methods of local development & provision
  • forming ambitious local working groups and training to solve for each of the areas of need
  • instill confidence in the people that peace can be achieved through cooperation
  • Understanding that we will all have a better check on power interventions if we create strength in numbers and that power structures will become less vertical if our attempts to freely collaborate demonstrate success

For such a plan to be effective, it would also be advisable to get the military and state to support such a plan, prior to any collapse, so they don’t need to resort to less imaginative resolutions. Therefore, an emergency forum has the best chance of materialising if it is preceded by a preliminary emergency forum. If we don’t do these things under (& before) an emergency situation, barriers to cooperation will become more defined between different factions of society. That is when the threat of violence or authority over freedom takes place.

2 thoughts on “Emergency forum for civic participation

  1. With all the talk of an imminent financial collapse, and looking at the state the banks are in, especially the Deutsche bank, it would perhaps be a good idea to look at this calmly and therefore I am interested in following your blog. Thank you.

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  2. Thanks for the comment Gaia. There really is a lot of reason to motivate us all to better share resources and even projects. I’d like to figure out what civic society can do about it before we end up being told what to do


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