Hiring warriors of peace for start-up game changer

doers, shakers, learners, educators and makers.
fulfilment, unleashing of your potential, world class expertise, opportunity to save humanity from itself (and hopefully the animals too), financial payment eventually met if/when necessary to raise funds (and we will)
Job Description:
discussing, networking, learning, challenging, teaching, organising, rethinking, creating, strategising, collaborating. Less demanding jobs will also be available: accountant, secretary, documenter, archiver and more (come with suggestions). The most demanding job might be the PA, and is necessary for all other jobs to be fulfilled.
Trial period:
(potentially indefinite) membership in weekly seminars and/or co-creation social meet ups in open social club
Organisational name:
undecided (I hope you can help)
Organisational description:
We identify the common needs of society and aim to effectively support and influence society in meeting these needs. We take an open, collaborative, strategically innovative, systems thinking, step-by-step approach to solving the core issues of humanity’s greatest challenges
Organisational slogan:
to save the world is not a broad issue, because all the world’s problems stem from a core
Organisational goals:
strategic, autonomous, pragmatic, innovative and collaborative sustainable development to support society’s transition towards educated, empowered, responsible and adventurous claim to the fair and wise governance of the world’s resources – and in turn, allow people to blossom in the process
Organisational structure:
gradual organisational change from Top-down to Bottom-up or Flat structure, i.e. aimed towards managerless structure over time with leadership/mentorship required in the beginning (pace of organisational change dependent on integrity of those involved)
depends on where everyone is. Currently hopping between Ireland & Sweden.
Organisational Strategic Gameplan:
– form a social club for enthusiasts of sustainability, social justice and innovative change to learn from one another on a daily/weekly basis
– design a clear and exciting proposal for this organisation
– network the proposal to raise funds from organisations, individuals and funds that exist within the movements of relevant sustainability actors as well as from alternative crowd funding sources, to pay full time staff
– work with as many actors as possible to achieve the following goals
– appeal to the above networks to establish a fund that can free up time for potential autonomous partners of sustainable change
– establish an innovative open forum for all members of society to both learn and be heard so that they can responsibly and effectively influence institutions, markets and global society in a safe and fruitful direction
– work with existing, and establish new, open hubs, cafe’s and community centres that democratically offer synergistic satisfiers (see Max Neef’s Human Scale Development) for greater society
– unite the efforts of many relevant social justice causes so as to together penetrate the core of society’s most fundamental problems (e.g. consumerism, suffering, etc.)
– advance the sustainability movement by sharing a collaborative strategy for deep and wide change
– collaborate with individuals, groups and organisations (the more flexible or autonomous they are the better?)
– Establish a (multi-organisational funded) chronic marketing campaign to inform and engage the public in simple and fun ways to participate in solving society’s big issues
– link each of these activities to each other through an open network of individuals and organisations, locally, nationally and globally
– especially, inform the people on the importance of appreciating and remembering the world we leave behind and of participating in humility, understanding and forgiveness so that the massive societal transition that takes place will not result in traumatic, tragic or violent reactions from vulnerable and conservative people, figures of power, the mislead masses or of socially deprived minorities. (Remember that the point in rocking the world in this manner is to give society a softer landing from the forces of climate change, mass extinction, ecosystem tipping points, social injustice and natural resource exploitation).
Employee/partner process:
– first you will attend regular open and educational sessions (ice breakers, open chats, sustainability theory, social philosophy, nature walks, skill sharing, co-creating, introduction to new methods of organisation, research, marketing, networking and trade)
– you will be selected to a core working group (full-time & part-time) because you have demonstrated competency (e.g. will to learn, sufficient basic knowledge, energy, patience, respect, ability to comprehend complex concepts, you smell nice, etc.)
– you will participate flexibly and proportionately varied in the development, management, marketing and/or fundraising of the organisation
– your role will be determined by your suitability, as decided by you and everyone else
– specialisation of individual roles will naturally develope, but understanding of overall organisational activities is encouraged wherever/whenever possible so that democratic participation can be exercised
– power relations within the organisation, and relating to external stakeholders, will be randomly reviewed and/or openly discussed whenever necessary in order to ensure healthy internal culture and societal role
starting point: raw soul and bittersweet struggle; middle point: stable employment, flexibility and regular contact with global cultural creatives; finishing point: dreams come true
Commitments to organisational culture:
reprioritisation of unnecessary lifestyle habits, i.e. gradual weaning from dependence on conventional commitments that suck time and energy (e.g. stress, money, mortgage, expenses, etc.) from personal freedom to both focus on work and on ultimate lifestyle needs (see Max-Neef’s 9 fundamental human needs); relearning of personal values (e.g. forgiveness, understanding, cultural sensitivity, humility, courage, endurance, solidarity, etc); healthy lifestyle (encouraging exercise, diet, meditation, socialising, play, expression, listening, etc.); underperformance may require open group review (we would consider the needs of the individual instead of the flaws of the individual). Remember, we are determined to achieve everything we need, so don’t worry about the demands of the old system.
complete freedom of thought, expression and action; disagreement encouraged; agreements easily met; flexibility; develope at own pace
non-paid start-up period undetermined; potential stress from initial lifestyle change; prepare to be challenged in any way possible; Prepare to face disagreement in any possible way
The uniqueness of this organisation is the ability to work around the socio-political impediments of the economic system and navigate society as freely as possible so that we can achieve things that conventional businesses, universities, institutions and NGO’s cannot. I believe this is necessary in order for humanity to face its all-time most pressing challenges and thus urge anyone to consider the rare opportunity to join in the development of this organisation before and after a salary is available.
Justifying outrageous claims:
Why will the vast ambitions be achieved? Because we are innovatively working with a vast growing network of life loving experts who are strategically collaborating to train society to participate in and take command of its own developments
All above plans/ideas open to suggestions and changes
Final note:
This all might sound a bit nazi, but you will not be coerced to change yourself. Anyway, you can always leave. But change will inevitably happen as you discover your own potential. Either that or you will change me.
Thank You,
Emperor Earth

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