New Manifesto for the Sustainability Community: Call for the sustainability movement to reach ‘maturity’

Many of us are working hard to arrange meetings, events and even local actions in sustainable development. But we are making things difficult for ourselves. We split up our common interests into thousands of topics, groups, NGO’s, projects, media strands and social brackets. Indeed, these are things we must do. But on our priority list, they must rank below our ‘common action’. In order for all of these other actions to be taken seriously enough for subsequent change, we need the ‘weight’ behind us. That is why it is required that everyone engaged in sustainable development first pool resources and participate in strategic solidarity for the common good. The basis of all our works require the following:

  • create a central network forum (where all our actions and visions are pieced together in a holistic picture)
  • Step up our level of common knowledge so that we are speaking the same language that allows us to move forward.
  • occupy a significant portion of the ‘marketing space‘ (so that people are bombarded not only with consumer products but with messages about how the world works and what they can do about it)
  • create ambitious campaigns to allow ordinary people make easy & fun contributions
  • create multi-organisational pilot projects for ‘real change’, instead of individual groups struggling on their own
  • Establish ‘permanent’ meeting places in every city or town
  • collaborate in creating ‘time‘ by minimising our lifestyle expenses
  • Create a fund for ‘free problem solvers’ (a relaxed environment, without any targets or demands, can be created for those of us who have the knowledge, energy and openness to work together on coming up with solutions – unhindered)
  • begin with focussing most of our time in discussing and implementing these things, through networking and events

If we do not focus together on these social needs, all our efforts of public participation, integration, political reform, responsible research, consumer evolution, system change, etc. will continue to advance slowly at this critical point in history.

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